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March 14th: Sanford Stud Farm

The Sanford Stud Farm was originally known as Hurricana Stock Farm.  Postcard image provided by the Saratoga Springs Public Library’s Saratoga Room.

Join us for the first of our 2013 Spring Brown Bag Lunch Series with guest lecturer, Sam Hildebrandt, Jr. His talk will center on Sanford Stud Farm, originally known as Hurricana Stock Farm in Amsterdam, NY, and its metamorphosis from a “diversion” for Stephen Sanford, international carpet magnate, to take his mind away from the stress associated with one of the largest carpet manufacturing facilities in the United States.

That “diversion” grew from a small 60-acre farm to an 1,100-acre facility that would ultimately become one of the major contributors in the early days of thoroughbred horse racing, not only at Saratoga, but throughout the United States.  We will look at the farm from its inception in the 1880’s to its ultimate demise in the 1970’s and the project to restore what little is left of the facility and its nomination to the national Register of Historic Sites.

Lou “Sam” Hildebrandt, Jr. is the son of one of the more successful Sanford Stud Farm contract riders (1930’s-40’s), a retired school teacher, author and public speaker. While born in Amsterdam, NY, he now resides in Glens Falls, NY and is the past president of the friends of Sanford Stud Farm and one of its founders.

This monthly, hour-long program is presented in partnership with the Saratoga Springs Public Library. It takes place in the Dutcher Community room located on the main floor of the Library. This event is free, open to the public, and  begins promptly at noon.