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Since 1887: Saratoga’s Police Department

1887 Saratoga Police Force

The first chief of police, George W. Blodgett, (center, with straw hat and light colored pants) with his police force.

By 1887, Saratoga Springs had grown to a point where a police department was needed to ensure law and order.  An act of the State Legislature created the Saratoga Springs police department on April 26th of that year, and on June 1st, eight men marked their first official work day in the new department. Come hear Saratoga Springs’ Police Chief Greg Veitch talk about this unique part of our city’s history.

The Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Series is a monthly, hour-long program presented in partnership by the Saratoga Springs Heritage Area visitor Center and the Saratoga Springs Public Library. This event is conducted in Dutcher Community Room located on the main floor of the library. This program is free and open to the public and begins promptly at noon. Tea and coffee are provided.