High Rock Area

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Governor Spring

Named for Governor Charles Evans Hughes who signed the Spa State Reservation legislation.

Peerless Spring

A palatable, saline water of moderate strength, at one time was very popular with the public.

High Rock Spring

The cliff bordering High Rock Park marks the western edge of the Saratoga Fault Line. High Rock Spring, at its base, is distinguished by a cone of hardened mineral deposits. Known to Native Americans for over 5,000 years, Mohawk Indians carried an ailing Sir William Johnson to the spring in 1771. The first non-Native American to visit the site, word soon caught on outside the Iroqouis Nation that the waters throughout this obscure region held extraordinary healing powers.

Empire Spring

Discovered in 1793, Empire Spring has been known as the Walton or New Congress Spring. Originally located behind the building, it was a favorite of the Van Raalte Knitting Mill employees. In 2004 it was rerouted to the front of the building and re-tubed as part of the Mill’s restoration project.

Red Spring (Old Red Spring)

Past the renovated Van Raalte Mill, is the Old Red Spring. Known as the ‘Beauty Spring’ it was renowned for healing skin disorders. (Called “Beauty” Spring)