Spa State Park

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State Seal

Known for its delicious fresh water, it is very popular with spring water aficionados, who fill all manner of bottles and jugs at the ever-flowing taps. It is located on the Avenue of Pines in the Joseph Bruno Pavilion, opposite the Saratoga Automobile Museum, a former bottling plant. (Fresh, delightful “drinking” water)

Geyser Spring

Located at the rear of the rectangular stone fountain under the Joseph Bruno Pavilion, is the Geyser Spring. This water, once very popular, was bottled by NY State. The water is cathartic and very agreeable as a beverage. (Considered the strongest tasting water.)

Charlie Spring

The most recently drilled spring in the Spa Park, Charlie Spring is located near the Hall of Springs entrance to the Performing Arts Center. The spring was named in honor of Charles S. Dake, one of Saratoga’s leading community figures of the twentieth century. (Alkaline, Saline)

Polaris Spring

The Polaris Spouter is located on the Loop Road in the heart of the park. (The minute quantities of radon gas present in this pleasant tasting water are viewed with some skepticism by American health professionals, while in Europe and Japan, drinking small doses of radon is considered beneficial.)

Geyser Island Spouter

The Island Spouter and the Polaris Spring are accurately called “spouters,” but the Geyser Island Spouter is locally referred to as “the Geyser.” An island of hardened minerals surrounds this spring. (The Park was originally known as Geyser Park.)

Hayes Well Spring

Near the parking area for the Geyser Island Spouter is the Hayes Well Spring. (Some people still believe that inhaling the gas vented from the pipe at the back of the spring’s pedestal will clear the sinuses.)

*Orenda Spring & Mineral Bank:” A short distance along the stream past the Geyser Island Spouter is another impressive deposit of hardened minerals, called travertine, formed by the overflow from the Orenda Spring. Fallen leaves and twigs make almost perfect imprints in the gold and orange-shaded natural sculpture. (The Orenda Spring, located at the top of the hill, is rich in iron, for strong blood.)

Hathorn #3

Hathorn #3 is situated at the south side of the park, on East West Road, off Route 50. At the height of its popularity, long lines of people waited each morning to start the day with a glass or two of this bracing water. (Slightly cathartic due to its magnesium content. Highly mineralized; considered the most saline of Saratoga’s mineral waters.)