Gideon Putnam Cemetery

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The Gideon Putnam Burying Ground, located on South Franklin Street on Saratoga’s westside, contains over 150 graves from the early and mid-19th century. It was restored in the 1980s after suffering almost a century of neglect. This plot of land has the distinction of being the only land in the city that has been continuously used for the same purpose since it was set aside as a cemetery in 1810. Gideon Putnam donated the land (then located on the outskirts of the village) for public use. Through the mid-1840s this site was the principal burying ground in the city.

Gideon Putnam, the city’s “founder,” built the first building, Putman’s Tavern and Boarding House, in what was then referred to as the “lower village” and laid out Broadway to its current proportions so that it would enable him to turn his lumber cart around as needed. Our very first “real estate developer,” Gideon Putnam carved many of the existing side streets and was working on a second resort hotel when he fell from the scaffolding. Ironically, he was the first person to be laid to rest in the cemetery and his grave is the only existing remnant of his presence in the city he founded.

Entry to the cemetery may be arranged by contacting the Visitor Center at 587-3241.